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Fixing Your I-phone

With everyone completely attached to their smartphones, it’s no wonder frustration ensues with they become broken. In a flash, they’re cut off from the world around them, unable to send texts, unable to make calls, perform searches, and, maybe worst out of everything, play games. So, what do people do when they drop their iPhone and the screen shatters into a million pieces? Or, it won’t turn on at all? Or, worst, falls into water? The problem could be a basic one or it could be more complex. No matter the case, consumers could think they could fix it without help. After all, they’ve used a screwdriver before, and they’ve been known to pry open PCs that have malfunctioned in the past. How hard could fixing an iPhone be, really?

First, consumers need to look at what the common iPhone problems are before they can figure out if they can fix them.

Battery is worn out

Rechargeable batteries do wear out, this is a sad truth. One a year is up, the batter will not last as long from charge to charge. One two years is up, the runtime will plummet even further. After a longer period of time, consumers will be lucky if they see half a day out of their batteries.

Apple, unfortunately, makes it difficult for users to replace batteries in their iPhones. Attempting do so could cause a void in the warranty. Once the first year is up, the warranty is void anyway. It’s tricky to do this, though.

For a fee, Apple replace batteries that are beyond their warranty. Local repair shops will likely do the same for less money. Check ebay for a battery, too, if you feel comfortable working on electronics. There are plenty of how-to videos on YouTube that will guide you through the process.

A Broken Screen

A broken screen isn’t covered under the warranty because it isn’t Apple’s fault that gravity broke it in the first place. However, statistically, this is the number one problem smartphone users experience.

Can consumers fix it on their own? Maybe. Consumers could probably find a YouTube video explaining the process once they find a replacement screen on ebay. Remember, though, that opening up the iPhone voids the warranty unless it is already expired.

Replacing the screen is not an easy task, either. The process is very complicated, often involving miniscule pieces of glass. Most consumers opt for hiring a professional.

The iPhone That Got Wet

Did you iPhone go for a swim? It is no mystery that water is not an iPhone’s friend. However, this does not necessarily mean the death of your device.

There is a trick: place the iPhone so it is completely submerged in rice immediately. This trick causes the rice to absorb most of the moisture out of the device.

If this trick doesn’t work, unfortunately there isn’t much a repair shop can do. You may have to replace your iPhone.

Keep it Safe

There are truthfully challenges to both repair shops and DIY options. The best safety option is to get an insurance plan at the time of purchase. This will cover any future repairs or replacements you may need. Good policies will protect consumers from just about any type of loss including a screen that cracks, water submersion, and much more.

Refurbished iPhone LCD’s are Flooding The Market. Here’s Why We Won’t Use Them.

Buyer Beware.

We want our customers and iPhone consumers in general to be aware of what has been happening in the iPhone repair industry lately. Refurbished iPhone screens are running rampant in the iPhone parts market. You, the consumer, will never know the difference. And maybe you don’t care. But we do. And we refuse to ever use any parts other than brand new parts that are of OEM or the highest quality that we can obtain.

We know of several local competitors who are buying these screens and stocking them exclusively. Not only for a massive profit, but because the consumer will never be able to tell the difference. Even with a trained eye, I have trouble sometimes telling that the actual part is a refurb.

It’s no secret in the iPhone repair industry that you can sell your broken iPhone screens for a good profit if the LCD is not damaged on them. I remember selling my iPhone 5 LCD’s to buyers for $100 a piece when we first started getting them into our store. Today we get about $18 per LCD. But what are these people doing with the screens? They are reclaiming or refurbishing them and putting them back out on the market.

Now, we’ve always been up front with our customers on the cost of our parts, and the fact that we make our money off of the skill and expertise that it takes to perform the repairs that we do. So with that said, our main supplier just sent us an update that the iPhone 5 screens have dropped to $66 each. This is great news for us and you because we can drop our price even further now.  But alas, when things seem too goo to be true……read on…

We’ve had a problem with this batch of screens. Over half of them have issues with the screws that hold the home button or the front camera in place. They won’t fit. Almost like they’re stripped out. It wasn’t a problem at first, as we get bad parts all of the time. But we deal in only OEM or the highest quality parts that we can get our hands on. So it’s normally not very often that a part has an issue. But this week has been unusual as far as parts issues go.

After the last batch had the same consistent issues, we started to question the fact that maybe these are refurbished screens. We made some calls to our other suppliers that are aware of this issue. They told us what to look for and we’re pretty shire we got some of those parts. I then contacted my supplier to complain about the quality to which he was surprisingly not even bothered by the fact that these all had issues. He stated to me that he had higher quality screens for $80 each.

Well this got me to thinking and I asked him, “Why would I pay $14 more for screens that have never given me a problem before”? He hasn’t answered, and I’m not going to ask him outright, because I believe I have my answer. Needless to say, he is no longer my supplier, even after a 4 year relationship.

Why? Because we don’t deal in parts of that lower quality for one, and for two, he did not make us aware of the fact that he was selling us refurbished parts.

We’ve always liked another supplier that we are going to leave nameless, but they have strong ethics and truly care about integrity. We’re going to be paying a little more for shipping and for our parts, but it’s well worth it to us here at iPhoneFix.

So a bit of advice. Ask point blank if your iPhone repair people are using “brand new or refurbished” parts. And if you’re not sure, bring your iPhone to us after the repair, and we’ll discuss, and show you if you were duped or not. You should get what you pay for, and that’s a new high quality part for your repair.

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Staples Brings iPad Savings to Jupiter Residents

Staples is now stocking a full line of iPads in their online store, creating thousands of dollars in savings for Jupiter, Florida residents.


This is great news for our local Florida customers who are looking to save a little extra money on their iPad and apple accessories.  This is the first instance in which, if you buy an Apple iPad, you can receive 5% cash back.  That’s roughly $20 for every iPad purchase.  If you’re a local small business who is looking to purchase 20 iPads for your company, that’s an immediate $400 savings on a free staples rewards card (in store credit).  And that’s for the bottom line model iPad 2. The savings only go up from there.

Staples is offering free in store pick up.  All of our Jupiter and Tequesta customers can order a brand new iPad online, pick it up in the Shoppes of Jupiter plaza, and come right next door to get your very first iPad introductory lesson by an Apple Certified Support Professional.  We offer in store private 1-on-1 lessons for all your Apple product needs. Contact our Apple professional consultants today! And feel free to stop in and check out the store.


UPDATE: Staples is now stocking iPads in the Jupiter store

iPhoneFix Main Entrance Interior

Our new location, and a little history lesson on

Busy season’s coming up and we figured we would fill everyone in on whats been going on around here while you’ve been away.

Over the last summer, we were given an opportunity to relocate iPhoneFix to a much bigger suite in the same shopping plaza (The Shoppes Of Jupiter). In this move, we doubled our square footage to 2200 SQ FT., and also bumped up our exposure considerably since we are now located directly next door to Staples. As many of you will recall, we were stuck in no-mans-land on the north end of the plaza for almost 3 years.

And we’d like to tell you a little story, the history if you will, about how that came about.

We are actually very grateful to have been allowed the opportunity to move into the plaza in the first place.

Back in 2009, I noticed an iPhone repair business in Tequesta. I approached the owner about partnering up because he fixed iPhones, and I fixed Apple computers. We started in a very small 500 SQ FT office building in Tequesta at 1630 N US Highway 1 next to Brown’s Furniture (Now Crossfit). We grew rapidly. So rapidly that within 6 months we noticed how loud, packed and busy our little location was.

As I watched the growth over the first 4 months together, I began to notice the the iPhoneFix guy didn’t seem to enjoy his job or the people very much, so I decided to approach him about a buyout. Long story short, I negotiated a fair deal and obtained ownership and all rights to And it was all part of a vision. I could see how badly we were needed in the Apple industry.

The next move was to try to find a bigger place with some foot traffic, as our current location was very hard to find, and even harder to slow down and turn into from US 1. So I started talking to a friend who owned Samantha’s Restaurant in the Shoppes Of Jupiter plaza. He offered to talk to the leasing managers for me. It was a long shot for a couple of reasons. One, we probably couldn’t afford it, and secondly, we weren’t professional looking enough (we thought) to be a tenant. Then there was the third problem. We fixed all computers, including Windows PC’s, and Staples would probably have a problem with that.

So to my dismay, and after a little bit of back and forth, the plaza owners decided to take a chance on little ‘ol me. The number that they threw out at us for the monthly rent nearly knocked me out of my shoes. I immediately stated that there was no way I could ever afford that king of rent. Then he calmly said “We’ll give you 6 months of free rent. Just get down here and see what happens. We think your idea is going to do well in our plaza.”.

Well, I was very nervous, and not too sure about this risk, but we took a shot.

We moved in in February of 2010, and plugged away for 6 months, putting very single cent back into the company. We started with nothing and did it all with no credit. Not that we didn’t have any, but that’s just the way we wanted it. We were amazed that, even though we were all of the way at the end of the plaza, and the only people that found us were people who got stuck in the overflow parking for the movie theater. So for years we were a “best kept secret” kind of a place in a way. Even up until our recent move in July 2013, we’d still hear it weekly when customers would walk in. “Wow this is great! How long have you guys been here?!?!” To which we’d smile and reply, “3 years”.

As our client base and reputation grew, so did our popularity with both the locals and our beloved “snow birds”. From mid October to mid May, our little city of Jupiter turns into crazy town. And with the craziness, our store became louder and louder. And our computer benches were more packed with repairs every year. In fact, this last year there were several times that we had no more room for computers on our benches. We knew that if we didn’t expand soon, that the next season was going to be unbearable for everybody. The customers and the employees alike.

So in May of 2013, we put an offer in on an old suite that had been empty for almost 10 years. Again, we never thought we’d be able to afford it since it was twice the size of our last location, but we worked it out with the leasing agent, and were very excited to be told that they accepted our offer. We took possession of our new location, 201 N US Highway 1, Suite E2, Jupiter, FL 33477, in mid July.

Now, we knew we had a lot of work to do before the next season kicked in, so we worked nonstop to make everything as perfect as possible for the next 2 months. The final outcome? Better than any of us had ever imagined. Even myself.

In closing we are very proud of what our little store has accomplished. It’s really cool to watch something grow from it’s infancy to what it has so far today. And it goes without saying, that there is no way we’d still be chugging along like we are without our awesome, faithful customers and clients. You can tell by our reviews online that we are well like and needed in our local community. We want to thank everyone that has ever done business with us, as well as the city of Jupiter, FL.

Our home. Our paradise.

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Top 10 iOs7 Features

iOs7 was the biggest software push Apple has ever made.  Millions of users flocked to iOs7, with over 58% of iDevices running the software after the first week of it being available, tells us a lot about the new update.  People are excited for it!  After the excitement dies down, we’re going to need to know whats new, along with the ins and outs of the new software.  So here’s a short rundown of the features we here at iPhoneFix think should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind while interacting with the new update.


Control Center

Swiping up from the very bottom of the screen in iOs7 now lets you quickly access flashlight, brightness, camera, and airplane mode along with various other key functions. It’s also a quick way to access your calculator.



Spotlight Search

The “Spotlight Search” feature can now be found in iOs7 by simply swiping down from the middle/center of the home screen.  Some nice new editions allow you to search through messages, contacts, mail, music, and events with ease. You can edit what does and what doesn’t come up in your spotlight searches; General > Spotlight Search



App Auto-Updating

New with iOs7, you no longer have to take time out of the day to update your apps via the app store.  They will auto update in the background, which means when the developers of these apps push an update, the update will automatically be downloaded.  The downside, is not having the option to stay on an older version of the app, unless you turn the “auto-update” feature off in your settings. The other downside is that you won’t know what new features or changes were added to the app. But hey, one less red badge indicator on your iPhone, right?


Wipe your phone after too many failed passcode attempts

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.19.18 PM


Messages provide Individual timestamps.

We are generally used to seeing timestamps on our iMessages by now, but this one new feature is pretty cool.  If you click the individual message itself and drag to the left, a separate timestamp will show up for that individual message. No more guessing how long its been since your significant other has responded to you.

 Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.21.12 PM


Photo Filters and Frames

Along with the edition of photo filters which allows you to see the filter applied before you take the photo.  We can now shoot in a “square” frame, because lets face it, we’re all shooting for instagram anyways, so why not be able to see how it’s going to look for all your friends without having to play the “crop” game.


iTunes Radio
The much anticipated iTunes Radio has finally launched on iOs7, and it couldn’t be better.  Seems like they took everything Pandora did wrong and made it right.  With a push of a button, or a fingerprint (5S users), you can have the song your listening to on iTunes Radio put directly into your Music library on your iDevice.  This new application is expected to boost iTunes music sales by an enormous amount.
FaceTime Audio
Not too many people expected much from this feature, but I feel it’s one of the best new editions brought on by iOs7.  The call quality completely blows any network connection out of the water, because we are using the internet for these types of calls.  Anytime I turn a new user onto this feature, the response is usually always an “OMG” or “I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”  If your in messages, or in your contacts; go to the contact and click the phone button, it will then prompt you to make a “Voice call” or “FaceTime Audio Call.” We here at iPhoneFix prefer the latter.
Anti-Theft Features
Apple has made you enter your Apple ID and Password you used when setting up your iDevice in the new iOs7, to completely wipe the device.  This feature is here so when someone steals your iPad or iPhone, they will essentially just have a “brick” that they can do nothing with. Even if you forget to log onto “Find My iPhone” and disabled it, iOs7 has your back by not allowing the thief to wipe the iPad or iPhone to brand new without having that Apple ID password.  This one little feature will do wonders in the underground world of stolen iDevices.
Intelligent Multi-Tasking
Intelligent scheduling, Opportunistic updates, Adapting to network conditions, and Push triggers all make iOs7 the most advanced software update Apple has pushed since it’s resurrection. Intelligent update scheduling for apps makes it so the most used apps on your iPhone or iPad pull in the most updates, and eventually gain priority over other lesser used apps.
iPhone 5S users:
In the “Passcode and Fingerprint” setting, under General < Passcode and Fingerprint < Fingerprints, if you place your finger on the home button, it will highlight the profile that pertains to each finger that has been loaded onto the device.  Just one more added touch that tells you you’re using an Apple product.
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Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 8.52.45 AM

MythBusted: Shutting Down / Closing Background Apps On iPhone To Save Battery Life. (Lies. It’s all LIES.)

We here at have a big problem with an article, well, several articles now, that were posted a little over a year ago on how to save or gain better battery life on your iPhone or iOS device by double tapping the home button, and shutting down all of the running background apps.

My advice to you all: Stop it.

For over a year now, we have watched our customers come in for a lesson, and hear them tell us how they learned to shut down all of the running apps in the background to regain battery life. They are always so happy about it, like they know a secret that most people don’t know. And I can understand why they feel that way. But I am here to bust a huge hole in that myth.

After extensive research, and even a few chats with friends who are in management at our local Apple store, I have concluded that this is almost all myth. Here’s why.

I had noticed that after I rebooted my phone, there were always several apps running in the background. And knowing that I had just now rebooted, I wondered why there were running apps in the background? Well, I blew that off for a few months. Then iOS 7 came out.

I went to revisit my theory, and after a fresh reboot, all 60 of my apps were “running in the background”. This proved another theory to me. Apple WANTS these apps to be running, in a very low power mode essentially, in the background. It’s the way iOS is supposed to work.

So what is the purpose of them all running? Well, a couple of reasons. They remember where you were the last time you used an app, and it’s helpful for multitasking or switching quickly between apps. It also makes everything run just a little bit faster because they are already open.

Recently I pulled a higher up at our local Apple store aside and asked him, “Hey. This background apps thing…….it’s total B.S. right?”. He replied, “Yes it is. A lot of our newer, lesser informed Geniuses tell people about that trick, and we have to try to tell them not to do that.”.

There it is. Confirmed from a reliable source.

Why is this such a big deal to us at Because we want our customers to enjoy their iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices. We give several lessons per week in our store, and we’re just so tired of seeing our customers, who are trying to understand how to use their device, obsess over shutting down background apps because of “something my friend told me about at breakfast this morning.”. They are absolutely obsessed, and this has got to stop. To a point, we take it personal.

So please. I beg of you. Stop obsessing over shutting down these “running in the background” apps. Killing them all will only slightly improve battery performance. And I tested this theory myself myself.

On another, final note, if you use your iPhone or iPad all day long, and by the end of the day your battery indicator is not red or not below 20%, then you are a light to average user. This means you, especially, should never, ever worry about shutting down these background apps in our opinion.

So with this bit of information that we have provided you with, we’d love to here your opinions and experiences. Please feel free to comment on this subject below.

By the way, this applies to, and was tested for iOS 6 and iOS 7. It may be relevant in other iOS versions as well.

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How To: Remove Facebook Birthday’s From iCal on 10.8 and iOs6

We’ve been reading numerous posts on Q&A sites, and we thought we would share the information we have gathered on this subject.  If you’re like 99% of the population, you don’t want your Notifications notifying you everyday that it’s someones birthday you may have talked to once in your life. Here is a short ‘How To’ on removing Facebook Birthday’s  from iCal.

The Facebook Birthday’s automatically inject themselves into your Calendar app when you setup iOS6.

What’s worse, is that it also enables contacts from Facebook to be automatically added to the Contacts app as well. Why this is a nightmare is because it creates an email address in all of your contacts. This is a problem mainly because when you create an email to a friend, it now defaults to their email address. And we don’t know about you, but we want to email them at their main email address.

So in order to remove these nuisances from your calendar and contacts, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Facebook > Disable: ‘Calendar’ and ‘Contacts.’  Then click Update All Contacts. Please give the device about 5 minutes to update even though it may say the Update complete.  For most users, this will fix the unwanted contacts, emails, and birthdays from appearing on your phone.

The Facebook app should relay this information to the Calendar app, but can take up to 5 minutes to update.  But wait, they’re still on my Mac! If that’s the case, go to your Mac, and  remove Facebook mail, contacts, and calendars from importing.

On your Mac, Go to Settings > Mail,Contacts,Calendars > FaceBook Account > Uncheck ‘Contacts.’  And it will look like this after you have successfully removed the Facebook account.

With the box unchecked, all Facebook related items should be removed from your personal contacts.  Your Calendar and Contacts should be clear of any unwanted information that was imported from Facebook.

We hope this walkthrough helped you out, if you’re still having problems, feel free to drop a comment down below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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iTunes Match in iOS 6 now streaming to iPhones and other iOS devices.

iTunes Match in iOS 6 now streaming to iPhones and other iOS devices.

iTunes Match in iOS 6 now streaming to iPhones and other iOS devices.

As of this morning I have declared that iTunes Match is now streaming, and no longer downloads songs to your iPhone by default. I’ve tested it, and it’s true.

What does this mean?

Well, it finally means that you don’t need to have an iPhone with a large storage capacity to store your whole music library on. And I thought this would be the case when I bought my iPhone 4S last year, so I only bought the 16GB, and was pretty upset to find out that every time you played a song from iTunes Match in iOS 5, it would, first, take about 5 to 10 seconds for a song to start playing (every time), but also it would download the physical song to your iPhone. And I thought that was the exact opposite of what iTunes Match was supposed to be.

I wrote about how disappointed I was with iTunes Match back in July, and really hoped that they would turn iTunes Match into a true streaming platform without storing music on my device. And they did.

To test this feature, I went and bought the iPhone 5 yesterday (Awesome phone by the way). But this time I bought a 32GB just in case Apple still got iTunes Match wrong. I restored from iCloud backup in the store, verified that there was no music on my new iPhone, and enabled iTunes Match on the phone. I had just the night before enabled it on my MacBook as well.

I went to Settings>General>About and mage note that I had 0 songs, and 15.8GB left of storage. So I began by playing my first song. The initial first song took about 5 to 7 seconds, and I thought “Oh boy, here we go again”. But no. After that, they all loaded within 2 seconds or so. I picked an obscure song from one of my favorite bands, Tad, to see if iTunes Match gave me a high quality copy. And it did. So I let it play through, then proceeded to the “About” area again to check the stats. It showed 1 song, but still sowed 15.8GB of available storage. And we all know that full length .mp3 songs are on average 1 to 2 MB per song. So this was good news. So I continued my test, playing about 6 songs, and sure enough, it showed that I had 6 songs on my iPhone, but still, I had 15.8GB left.


Apparently, according to an article about iTunes Match by Matt Elliott over at Cnet, iTunes Match creates a cache of the song in case you lose connection so that it will keep playing. And this cache is a minuscule bit of data, so it doesn’t take up much space on your iPhone or iDevice.

I think they finally got it right.

iTunes Match is now worth the $24.99 per year to me. Nice job Apple.

iPhone 5 Drop Test Video. Sturdier design? Time will tell.

iPhone 5 Drop Test Video. Sturdier design? Time will tell. (Now with video goodness)

Here is our iPhone 5 drop test video. We just finished creating this video for the iPhone 5 drop test that we performed this morning at our Palm Beach Gardens location.

Enjoy. Or cringe. Either way.
(Update: Thanks go out to for posting our video on their website.)

We performed 2 tests from 2 different heights. Waist high, (3 feet high, being a normal, average accidental drop height), and head height (6 feet off of the ground, which would be on the extreme side of an accidental drop).

As I stated in a previous blog, it’s hard to tell if the glass is sturdier, or the new design of the iPhone 5′s thinner, lighter body attributed to it not breaking as easily as we had thought it would. Other drop tests also suggest that this is a far sturdier design than previous models. But for us, time will tell.

Oh and it’s now for sale on eBay too, if anyone….wants to….ya know………….to buy a broken iPhone 5.

One of the first to be broken iPhone 5. Mission accomplished. Drop test completed.

iPhone 5 drop test complete. Broken iPhone 5 Front Glass. Mission accomplished.

Broken iPhone 5 Front Screen Glass

Broken iPhone 5 Front Screen Glass

Broken iPhone 5 Front Screen Glass
Broken iPhone 5 Front Screen Glass

Well, we did it. We broke the iPhone 5 front glass. And we did it all for you.

It was heartbreaking, but we did it. And the iPhone 5 does in fact seem like it is more durable. The glass held up well, and we have a video to accompany the photos that we’ll be posting shortly.

But part of the durability is the fact that the iPhone 5 is so much lighter. And this equals less weight traveling to the ground, therefore less impact on the glass.

We first dropped the iPhone 5 from waist high onto a wood floor. It didn’t break. We then tested from 6 feet high dropping it face down. It didn’t break.

Next we went to a concrete surface, first dropping it from waist height again. It didn’t break. But when we went to 6 feet high on concrete, well, it didn’t do so well, as you can see from our pictures.


Like I said, we’ll be posting the video soon so check out our FaceBook page, our twitter (@iphonefixme) and check out our repair prices at